I am honored to introduce to you Fu-Ding Cheng. Read these pages and you will learn how he became a Toltec master. May his story inspire us all on our paths towards personal freedom and spiritual fulfillment.

When I first saw the portfolio of autobiographical photo/watercolors at the heart of this book, I was moved by the violence and grief Fu-Ding endured in his formative years, and the fierce determination it sparked in him to find a light behind all his sorrows. How he overcame his troubled past to become the radiant person he is now demonstrates, once again, that adversity, when coupled with consciousness, can spark transformation.

The tales in this book are not “essays” to convince us of anything through logic and reason. But rather, these are authentic stories written so we can feel the rich adventure that comes from looking within, and experience the glory of our own Godhood. By revealing his doubts, mistakes, and tragedies… as well as his eventual triumphs, Fu-Ding empowers us––if he can do it, anyone can. These are tales of inspiration that remind us of the great, universal journey “into light” that we are all embarked upon.

Along the way, like trail markers on every page, he leaves behind hard-earned insights and guidance gained through direct experience. By following these suggestions, we are given invaluable tools to accelerate our own process toward personal freedom.

As a shamanic teacher, Fu-Ding brings unique qualities. Chinese-American, with long years of practice in Kung-Fu and meditation, he is able to cross-relate many of the Meso-American teachings to those of the East, and show us that all of these wisdom traditions are connected and true.

With his gifts as an artist, filmmaker and storyteller, he is able to communicate complex ideas in images and language, both simple and concise. I have seen him captivate audiences with his wit and charm, effortlessly leaving the participants with a smile on their faces and profound insights in their hearts. As someone who has had a hand in his evolution, I am deeply gratified to see his mastery, passion and devotion. He leaves no doubt that the Toltec teachings have successfully passed on to the next generation.

This book of tales is a gift to us all. So, let us do ourselves a favor––drink them in and feed our souls. Let them fill our hearts with love and wisdom so we too, like Fu-Ding, can help change the dream of the planet, realizing a heaven on earth beginning with the radiance of our own beings.